I.Family Study Final Conference

Families can’t tackle obesity alone Governments must act to combat childhood obesity, warn experts following major EC-funded study   European governments must act to help families improve their children’s health and tackle the obesity epidemic. That’s the advice of I.Family researchers who, on Thursday 9th February, revealed the findings of a major international study into […]


I.Family Study’s signature paper published by International Journal of Epidemiology

Following five years of international research, the I.Family Study is delighted to announce the publication of its signature scientific paper in the influential International Journal of Epidemiology (IJE). The paper, which focuses on the unique scale of the cohort of children involved in the project as well as its key findings, has been published on […]


Floor Van Meer Results Paper Published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition

Do children’s brains respond differently to photos of healthy and unhealthy foods compared to the brain responses of their parents?   Floor van Meer of the University Medical Centre in Utrecht, a researcher with the I.Family study, investigated this interesting question using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) and secured the publication of its results in […]


I.Family Final Conference to Share Results of 5-year Study into Children’s Diets and Lifestyles

  Study follows ten years of research with the largest ever European cohort of children in eight countries The diets and lifestyles of European families, how they affect life-long health and what can be done to tackle problems such as obesity, will be the focus of the I.Family Study’s final conference in Brussels in February 2017. […]


I.Family papers to be published

Two major papers from the I.Family Study have been accepted for publication in prestigious scientific journals. The first paper describes the nature and scope of the I.Family Study, and will be published in the International Journal of Epidemiology. Our thanks go to all the partners and participants in I.Family who played a part in drafting […]


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