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Points of View articles written by members of the I.Family Project:

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Co-ordinator’s Message – By Wolfgang Ahrens, UNIHB


Mindfulness and Health – By Rhonda Smith, Minerva Communications


Sleep studies in I.Family -By Monica Hunsberger, University of Gothenburg


Making your comms innovations count – By Rhonda Smith, Minerva Communications


The I.Family statistics panel: addressing the challenges of complex data – By Iris Pigeot, BIPS


One size does not fit all – can we curb obesity by capturing its complexity? – By Paul Smeets, UMC Utrecht


Genetic studies in I.Family – By Jaakko Kaprio, University of Helsinki


Adolescent mass media usage: does the frequency and type of mass media device influence well-being? – By Michael Tornaritis, Research and Education Institute of Child Health


Who needs canteen experiments and why? – By Wencke Gwozdz, Copenhagen Business School


Obesity: how can we change the lie of the land? – By Byron Tibbits, University of Bristol


What you see is what you eat: how children’s brains react to the sight of food  By Floor van Meer, UMC Utrecht


What is autonomy and why does it matter? – By Faye Tucker, Lancaster University


Can the healthy choice be the easy choice? – By Wolfgang Ahrens, UNIHB


Empirical findings should inform policy – but cannot dictate it – By Garrath Williams, Lancaster University


Are we ready to protect adolescents from deceptive diet gurus and food ads? – B y Gianluca Tognon, University of Gothenburg


The Health Sustainability Nexus – Obesity & Sustainable Development – By Lucia Reisch, Copenhagen Business School


Regulating food companies: restricting or empowering? – By Garrath Williams, Lancaster University


Adolescence – an age of health opportunity? – By Lucia Reisch, Copenhagen Business School


Can the healthy choice be the easy choice? – By Wolfgang Ahrens, UNIHB



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