Does the media influence children’s diet and health? I.Family at FENS 2015

Partners present I.Family results at major European nutrition conference

The potential influence of media – and in particular food advertising – on the health of children often features in headlines around the globe.

It’s also a key focus within the I.Family Study and results concerning this area of our research will be presented at this month’s FENS event.

Prof. Iris Pigeot, our deputy project co-ordinator, and Prof. Lucia Reisch, from I.Family partner Copenhagen Business School (CBS), have been invited to co-chair a scientific session – The influence of media on food choice and health outcomes in children – at the 12th European Nutrition Conference, which is taking place in Berlin from 20th – 23rd October.

Prof. Pigeot will deliver an overview of the I.Family Study design, followed by a presentation by Profs. Reisch and Gwozdz from CBS on I.Family results titled ‘Food advertising targeting children.’

Looking ahead to the event, Prof. Pigeot says, “This is a fantastic opportunity to raise our project’s profile and showcase results, demonstrating the relevance of our research in addressing current societal challenges associated with children’s diet and health.”

Also featured in the discussion will be the results of an IDEFICS report – Clustering of multiple lifestyle behaviours and its association to cardiovascular risk: factors in children – delivered by Prof. Luis Aznar of the GENUD Research Group, based at the University of Zaragoza in Spain.  The I.Family Study is building on the work of IDEFICS.

Concluding remarks will be delivered by I.Family Project Co-ordinator, Prof. Wolfgang Ahrens, on New media and its association with lifestyle behaviour.

Elsewhere in the conference, Prof. Reisch will chair a session on Effective communication strategies for behavioural change.

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